Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Like Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate is a great substitute for other sweet treats that are full of sugar and contain little in terms of nutritional benefit. This type of chocolate is actually good for you and can compete with super food vegetables such as broccoli. Hard to believe isn't it? But it is true and science backs it up.

Studies have shown that it is high in antioxidants and we know that these are the fighters that prevent free radicals from wreaking havoc on our bodies. It has also shown an effect on the brain and memory. There are studies that have clearly found a correlation between eating this sweet treat and improved retention of information. Just think of it as a great snack before you write that exam you have been cramming for!

The benefits are many, but also keep in mind that it still is a high calorie food, so moderation is key here. You should eat at a maximum one small bar per day to reap all the benefits of this flavourful chocolate. Many large companies such as Nestle are now producing dark chocolate versions of their most popular milk chocolate bars.

The dark chocolate of days gone by was rather brittle and sour and was mainly used in cooking and baking recipes. Now it can stands alone as a healthy snack and is becoming readily available as a popular choice in chocolate bars. So next time you get that craving for something sweet reach for the dark version of your favourite chocolate and enjoy it guilt free!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Callebaut Chocolate - What You Should Know

Callebaut Chocolate is a Belgian company that got their start in 1850. The plant was originally opened as a brewery in Wieze. By 1911, the family had decided to try its hand at making chocolate, which actually turned out rather well. These bars were a hit around the world, and for good reason. Of course, the company didn't gain fame and notoriety for their chocolate making abilities until 1925 when they got involved in gourmet chocolate. Today, they are among the best of the best in bulk chocolate supply for companies around the world.

One of the leading products that this company is known for is its carob chips. These chips have been made popular because they taste similar to chocolate but they have many more health benefits and fewer sugars than traditional confections. Carob chip products are becoming a leading seller for Callebaut Chocolate as more people are looking for health-conscious solutions to curb their sweet tooth. Carob is also popular for pets, specifically dogs, because dogs cannot have chocolate but they can have carob treats, which allows them to enjoy the sweet sinfulness of chocolate without the health risks or dangers. For a healthier solution, carob is the way to go. This naturally occurring ingredient gives so many people the chance to enjoy the flavor of chocolate without the refined sugars and other added ingredients.

When most people think of chocolate, they think of countries like Switzerland and France, but Belgium is actually home to some of the best chocolate that you can buy, thanks to Callebaut Chocolate. This bulk supplier has received rave reviews, and although they are just one of many suppliers in the world today, they have a wide selection of products and a large customer base that shows just how popular they are. Whether you are looking for carob chips or traditional chocolate, this company has something to offer for just about everyone.

You should make sure that you read reviews about Callebaut Chocolate and see what they have to offer. Get to know their products and find out if they can help you get the supplies that you need for your business or baking needs. From traditional chocolates to carob chips, this company makes all kinds of bulk chocolate and confections for people around the world. They have been in business for over a century, and although their chocolate wasn't the intention in the beginning, it is what they are known for today.